Organisation or School

If you are looking for training of your staff please contact Peach Speech to discuss the individual needs of your business.  We can provide professional learning in the areas of speech, language, literacy, social skills, mealtime management and swallowing, communication, stuttering, Autism Spectrum Disorder etc. We work closely with businesses and organisations to develop Professional Learning (PL) that best suits the staffs skills and knowledge. Please give us a call or flick us an email so we know how best to support your team.

Peach Speech is able to provide direct services to clients at schools or within day-care centres and kindergartens.  These services can be individualised to ensure your clients’ needs and organisations’ needs are being met.  We are mobile and can provide direct on-site services to clients, including screening, group programs and much more.

Please give us a call to discuss what will work best for you.