At Peach Speech Pathology we aim to improve people’s lives. Whether it be through helping people learn to clearly express their thoughts and feelings or achieve success in writing for school, we want to make lives better. As part of this aspiration, we have launched the Peach Speech Reach Program; a program that helps support people in need. This may be through providing funds for a local family to purchase a school uniform or supporting charities that provide resources to those living in poverty. We feel genuinely blessed living and working in Western Australia, and we want to help support those in need.

Some of our initiatives:

Term Peach Voting

Each term, 3 options of support are presented to the Peach Speech community. Every client is given a peach token after their session, which they can use to support one of the three options. At the end of the term, Peach Speech Pathology donates the support option with the most token to those living in poverty (through Compassion).

PSR Cards

We have a number of handmade gift cards and tags available for sale in our reception. All profit from these sales goes to support people in need.

To stay up-to-date with the Peach Speech Reach Program, follow us on Facebook. Please send us an email if you have any other ideas of how we can support those in need in our community. We love hearing from you!