Programs at Peach

Peach Speech Pathology has a number of programs available, ranging from professional learning or parent workshops to group programs. All groups and programs are planned and run by trained and qualified speech pathologists. Places are limited so bookings are essential. Groups registrations can be completed through contacting the clinic. For any further information, please contact the clinic on 08 9331 5436 or through [email protected]

Current Programs

WE THINKERS: VOLUME TWO (social skills group)

Age Range: 6-8 years old

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Must have completed Volume One group, or have covered basic Social Thinking concepts in another format (individual therapy, etc). These are Thinking Thoughts and Feeling Feelings, Body in the Group, The Group Plan, Thinking with your Eyes, Whole Body Listening
  • Child has the cognitive and language abilities to think and talk about thoughts, feelings and social concepts
  • Child experiences difficulties socialising with others and/or expressing emotions in appropriate ways (but not so significant that they are unlikely to participate in child club meetings)
  • Child doesn’t use challenging behaviours, or pose a risk to the safety and learning outcomes of other children
  • Child has at least one caregiver who is committed and able to support them through the program, attend all club meetings and use the skill tracker card to monitor and reward their progress.


The five Social Thinking concepts featured in Volume Two are:

  • figuring out hidden rules and expected and unexpected behaviour
  • making a smart guess
  • having flexible versus stuck thinking, matching the size of a reaction to the size of a problem
  • sharing an imagination

These concepts continue the trajectory toward social emotional learning achievements to last a lifetime. In Volume 2 we help students decipher the social cues to share space, flexibly interact, and regulate emotions during the ever-changing world of play or when sitting quietly in a classroom.

The group will run from Peach Speech Pathology, in our group room. The group will utilise multisensory learning and imaginative play to embed the concepts in a fun and engaging way. Parents will receive a verbal summary of the session, and parents will be sent regular emails with recommendations of how to embed learning into the real world, and a digital copy of a colourful storybook which supports generalisation and learning of the concepts.

Price: $147.50 per session ($737.50 for the block of 5 sessions)

Dates: October School Holidays (Week 2) 4th – 8th Oct

Times: 9.00 am – 10.30 am each day




Age Range: Grades 7, 8 & 9 (school years)

Eligibility Requirements: None


Narrative Writing

  • developing plots that follow the structure of a narrative
  • creating interesting and exciting characters and settings
  • use a range of language techniques

Persuasive Writing

  • learning about the structure of a persuasive text
  • learn how to develop a strong argument to persuade your reader
  • learn how to structure and develop each paragraph

Price: $460 for 4 days (10 hours)

Dates: Tuesday 28th September – Friday 1st October 2021

Times: 1-3.30 pm each day (2.5 hours per day)


Regular Programs:

Social Skills Groups

Peach Speech runs a number of social skills groups throughout the year. They consist of a small group gathering of (2-6) individuals with aligned ages or skills, who come together to learn how to successfully convey their thoughts and feels through words and gestures in a way that others can perceive the intended meaning and significance. It is a supported environment to develop companionship and practice relating with others.

Who: Aimed at individuals who would benefit from additional opportunities to learn about social and emotion skills or experience difficulties with friendships, bullying, or low self-confidence.

What: explicit teaching of social skills and opportunities to practice practical application of socially and emotionally appropriate behaviours. Focus includes:

  • Friendships, interacting with peers and considering others
  • Conversation skills
  • Reading and using social cues
  • Self-regulation and managing emotions

Why: to enhance individual’s participation in family life, groups and the wider community. Improving social awareness can also help transition to high school and into the workplace.

When, where and cost: details vary based on the group. Please contact us for further details.

Call: 9331 5436

Email: [email protected]

Registration: Places are limited so bookings are essential

Literacy Groups


Peach Speech Pathology provides a spelling support group based on the Sounds-Write spelling program. Sounds-Write is an evidence-based phonics program utilising an exciting and highly successful approach to the teaching of reading, spelling and writing.

Who: Pre-Primary to Grade 3 students (groups based on matching ages and skills)

What: 10-week structured synthetic phonics program running in the school term.

Why: It is important to create solid foundation skills for spelling, as literacy skills (reading, writing and spelling) are essential in expressing ideas and understanding in the education setting.

When: please contact the clinic for these details, as they change across terms

Call: 9331 5436

Email: [email protected]

Writing Groups

Our therapists are well-trained and experienced in literacy intervention, and we offer a number of writing programs across the grade levels. Writing groups target sentence structure, punctuation and simple texts in the early years and focus on creative writing texts and persuasion in later years, preparing students for essay writing in high school and curriculum testing. Contact us to learn the days and times of the upcoming groups.

Holiday Writing Groups

The group is designed to support year 7, 8 and 9 students in developing their narrative and persuasive writing skills. Targets include:

  • Narrative:
    • developing plots that follow the structure of a narrative
    • creating interesting and exciting characters and settings
    • use a range of language techniques
  • Persuasive:
    • learning about the structure of a persuasive text
    • how to develop a strong argument to persuade your reader
    • how to structure and develop each paragraph

Who: grade 7-9 students

When: Each school holidays – contact us for dates and times

Where: Peach Speech Pathology: 3/62 Coolbellup Avenue, Coolbellup
WA 6163 (Ph: 9331 5436)

Call: 9331 5436

Email: [email protected]


Early Language & Social Skills Group

Peach Speech Pathology have developed a fun and interactive play-based language group for children aged 3-4 years old, who would benefit from opportunities to learn language and social interaction skills and to develop their skills outside of the home environment. Please contact the clinic for current group details (08 9331 5436, [email protected])

Clinic-based Services

Peach Speech Pathology clinic rooms are based in Coolbellup, and our speech pathologists also travel to homes and schools to offer sessions. Anyone who has concerns can refer themselves or their child or student to our services. All our fees are available on our website, and our friendly staff are happy to answer questions over the phone, with no obligation.